Red Mountain Church Music

Help me in my unbelief - Red Mountain Church

Red Mountain Church (Help my unbelief) – Rarely do I recommend a whole album, but I do so with the album above not as a collection of tracks that could be played in a congregational setting, but because I know nothing better to download onto my iPod to meditate on the glories of the Christ and the hope of a Christian. Red Mountain Church only sing hymns (I’m not saying I agree with that) and they have numerous talented musicians who have re arranged some classics for contemporary church usage and for that I am very grateful. The richness of the lyrics in these songs is rarely found in songs today which should be a salutary warning to all of us in music as it exposes our weakness in the study of the scriptures and doctrine. You can find Red Mountain Church albums on iTunes or you can listen to excerpts on their website…

Some of my favorites include…

It Is Finished – Part II (Hark, the Voice of Love and Mercy) Album: Help my unbelief. This song is great for playing in quieter times of services perhaps as a solo, I recently played it during the Lord’s Supper where the words fit perfectly.

Dearly we’re bought. Album: Gatsby Project. This I have played in a congregational setting and if lead well it is a great song even if the words seem archaic at times! It certainly was a great song to be playing in a teaching series going through the book of Philippians.

Lord dissolve my frozen heart. Album: Help my unbelief. This I just love to listen to myself when I am feeling stubborn – have a listen through the link below.

Enjoy the Red Mountain experience!



  1. Thanks Andy. Will have to check that out. Too true about the current lack of depth of theology in many lyrics. I’ve been listening to the Together for the Gospel live album. Bob Kauflin on piano + 5,000 (mostly) guys singing awesome hymns.

  2. maybe you could teach us one of theirs on monday night?

    Also, how about revisiting the townend/getty one (come people of the risen king – rejoice).

    let me know others/thoughts?


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