Top 5 songs

Following some friends in Australia (see link below) I thought I would see what others are learning or playing frequently at the moment in their local churches.,com_mojo/Itemid,45/cat,9/

1. My Soul finds rest in God Alone

2. We rest on thee

I’ve put this one down, simply because I think it is one of the best written hymns ever, the words are awesome but the music is stirring to the core. The clip below is just an instrumental but I think you will understand the ‘stirring-ness’ of this Sibelius classic when you listen.

3. My Jesus I love thee

I’ve not done this one at church yet, but it certainly is in my top 5 ‘songs to die to’!

4. See what a morning

Been doing this recently at the pace in the clip, it gives it a real a real energy and the words are crackalacking!

5. Nothing but the blood of Jesus

This is going to be introduced at the two churches I work at over the next few weeks, without the dancing middle aged, over-enthusiastic bloke (see clip below and you will understand – he is great really!).



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