Emotions Cover

Finally I have just finished a book I started 3 months ago, ‘Emotions – living life in colour’ by my friend Graham Beynon. Once again the publishers managed to clothe one of Graham’s books in the most effeminate outer garment but, despite the girliness of its cover, I once again enjoyed Graham’s relaxed writing style and helpful applications. This isn’t a book review as such, more an observation on one particular chapter that I think would be really useful for all local church musicians to read to help them in their ministry. Saying that, I found the whole book a huge encouragement and it certainly raised some issues that conservative evangelicals have been remiss about for too long.

Chapter 7 ‘Emotions and God’s praise’ was of particular interest. Much of the material I recognised from a talk Graham gave at the London Music Ministry conference last November (link). I was really grateful for the challenge to appreciate corporate sung praise/worship, recognising that there should never be ‘heat without light’ – emotional response without divine understanding. You will have to read the chapter to fully appreciate what that means!

Call this a pointer in the direction of a very helpful book for those of us engaged in music ministry. It helped me to be watchful over the power that music plays with our emotions, but it also challenged my inbred reluctance to allow my emotions to be directed as God’s Word allows, encourages and instructs. Often British ‘middle-classness’ is our emotional guide, but I think that means we live our lives in dull shades, rather than living life in colour moulded by the Word of God.

Music ministry within the local church is part of living that life in colour – we need to think rightly about this ministry and do it rightly – read this book, it will undoubtedly be helpful (Link to purchase via The Good Book Company).



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