Music Ministry

Music ministry is vital to our local churches – really?!

It can be a source of real blessing – after all, that’s how the Word of God dwells amongst us richly (Col 3:16). Yet it can also be a source of tension and division…

What’s the difference between an organist and a terrorist?
You can negotiate with a terrorist (an organist told me that joke!)

So often, when people join or leave a church it is over musical style, and not theological issues that really matter. Many of us can think of churches where significant theological changes have gone through without an eyebrow being raised, yet adding the drum kit or cancelling the band-led service sees people leaving. So we all need to help each other!

The Colossians verse mentioned above is very helpful:

“Let the word of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”

It speaks to those of us who think that music is the most important thing, reminding us that singing in church is to reinforce the preaching and small-groups and other Bible teaching ministries. No band can be so good that they make up for a weak pulpit; no bass line or guitar riff can supply what’s missing from Bible-loving small groups. But it also speaks to those of us who think that Bible teaching and training is the only thing. It reminds us that music ministry is how the Bible dwells amongst us richly – singing Bible-saturated songs develops Bible-saturated people.

The fact that music should be a means of blessing and unity, and yet is sometimes (maybe often) a source of frustration and complaint lies behind the reason a number of us set up a network called Music Ministry a few years ago.

We have numerous resources online and you can also join us for one of our conferences coming up soon, particularly…

London – Saturday 15th November (Speaker: Jonathan Stephen)
Belfast & Dublin in Feb 2015
Nottingham in Sep 2015

For more information and to book click here

Our conferences are for all church musicians, sound technicians, music leaders and church leaders. We will have some great Bible teaching, we will teach new songs, there are band workshops and much more. We aim to help musicians work better together with the other members of their group – however large or small.

At the heart of our belief is that biblically driven worship and music will always seek to be culturally sensitive – whether caring for the ‘others’ in that particular gathering, or the ‘others’ not yet in our gathering but who we long to reach. We Christians are foot-washers, seeking to serve others just as Jesus served us (Jn 13: 13-17). The heart of our conference will be how we can play cracking Bible-faithful, cross-centred songs in a way that serves our congregations.

(Thanks to Andy Towner for letting me republish this from an article he wrote for a ‘North West Partnership’ publication).


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