My Guitars/Kit

My main acoustic guitar is now a beautiful Lowden F shape 35 series with cocobolo back and sides and adirondack spruce top (in pic is a Lowden 35 series but not with cocobolo back and sides) – I will never want a better guitar, I really can’t fault it. At the moment, on recommendation from George Lowden himself, I use a Fishman Ellipse Matrix Bend pick up mounted inside the sound hole.

I use an amp for small group work and practice, I didn’t get a custom acoustic guitar amp but rather something with more power that acts more like a mini PA. Although it isn’t specifically for an acoustic the SR Technology  Jam 150 – it sounds awesome especially when I link it to the slave stereo amp. Both amps have sockets for tripods so it works so well as a portable PA system, you can even add subs if you want.



My Electric Guitar is a Fender Telecaster (Japan “Premium Series” – a very faithful re pro of the original 1962 Custom Telecaster).  These guitars were not imported into the UK because Fender did not want to compete with Fender US’s Mexican re pro range, which are good, but inferior to the Premium Series.  The pick ups are Seymour Duncan “Vintage”, i.e. they are a modern approximation of the high quality Fender stock Tele pick ups from the 50’s and early 60’s which were far better than those they bash out now. Awesome rhythm guitar!

This guitar is permanently on loan to my good friend and awesome guitarist Phil Short (

My electric guitar amp is a 1971 Fender Pro-reverb, full valve rich sounding monster – I hardly play it but love hearing it being played well!

Fender pro-reverb


One comment

  1. Andy,
    You will remember I was down for my grand nephew Milo’s dedication a few months ago & we chatted outside after the service about guitars/gear so thought you might be interested in what I have at the minute. I am part of one of the music ministry groups at Charlotte Chapel.
    1. Martin D28 (approx 1978)
    2. Gary Levinson LS 43EAS Engelmann top with KR Baggs EAS Element active system.
    3. PRS McCarty ( black cherry )
    4. Levinson Blade R4 (misty violet)
    5. Gibson ES335 (1989)
    6. Yamaha AE12 Archtop (1970)

    Amps Blackstar 45 series one combo valve amp
    DV Mark 12

    Variety of pedals. TC Electronic Triple delay, TC Alter ego delay, TC Hall of fame Reverb, Wampler Paisley drive, wampler Ego compressor,
    X2 Eventide H9 pedals, TC Electronic BodyRez pedal. The Bodyrez is a small pedal designed to be used to restore the natural resonance of an acoustic guitar especially with under saddle pickups. I have found it works well with the Levinson LS 43 EAS acoustic.

    Hopefully meet up again if you are back in Edinburgh.

    Kindest regards
    Grant Somerville

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